Facts And Questions

Are upgrades included when I buy the Tooth Chart?

YES! When you purchase an Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart, you will automatically receive any upgrades as long as your subscription is active.

What if my webmaster or I have problems with installing the tooth chart on my website?

The code for your website tooth chart file arrives in a TEXT file. Your webmaster should be able to easily install it. However, if necessary and at no extra charge, we will gladly work with you and make sure it works on your website. Please contact us or call 866-866-1067 if you or your webmaster have any difficulty with installation.

Will the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart work on an iPad or other mobile devices?

YES! The website version of the tooth chart consists of code that contains a registration key. The tooth chart is visible on the iPad and most mobile devices.

Also, you may go to the App Store on your iPad and purchase the Meridian Tooth Chart and download it directly to your iPad. For more information about the Meridian Tooth Chart app, click here.

Can I get the Tooth Chart in another language other than what is available on the website?

If you would like a different language other than what is currently available on the website, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are currently working on Portuguese and Japanese (FDI) versions.

What is the source of the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart information?

References: Empirical Relationships Between Teeth, Organs, Disease Chart by Thomas Rau, MD

Dr. Voll and Dr. Kramer, of the International Society for Electro-Acupuncture in Germany, and their dentist colleague Dr. Adler, have identified which parts of the body are related to each of the 32 individual adult teeth. Their work has shown a connection between patient’s symptoms and illness and those teeth which have suffered either developmental, infective, traumatic or degenerative change.

For more information about the Tooth-Body connection, click here.