Upgrade Your Version 2.0 Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart

Have you purchased a previous version our Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart?

If so, the version  you currently own (imtc-v2.0 or imtc-v2.1) may not be seen on phones or tablets. It is in the form of an SWF (flash) file and will not work on mobile devices.

When we created the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart in 2009, use of the internet on mobile devices was not prevalent, as it is today.

Our new Version 3.0 is mobile/tablet friendly and will automatically receive upgrades as they are implemented.

Check Our Upgrade Policy:

Charts purchased less than two years ago:

Eligible for Version 3.0 upgrade for up to 2 years, depending on purchase date.
After upgrade term expires, subscription fee of $95 per year will apply.
Please contact us to verify your purchase date.


Charts purchased more than two years ago:

Order Meridian Tooth ChartWe encourage you to upgrade your current tooth chart
to the mobile and tablet friendly Version 3.0 upgrade
for a subscription fee of $95 per year.